A new survey out by contract packing company We-Pack has shown that almost a quarter of British (23%) are using beauty products on their face that are out of date. In addition, 17% said they won’t stop applying products until they appear ,,of’’ and one in six admitted that weren’t even aware of the expiry dates.

The report found that just under a fifth of British even ignore or simply don’t check the shelf-life dates on products. Using expired products can not only cause breakouts and bacterial infections on the skin but is also dangerous as the effectiveness of item containing SPF or antioxidants can diminish over time.

Cosmetic companies are required to include lifespan dates on products under EU Cosmetic Regulation. Products with a shelf-life of longer than 30 moths must include a ,,period after opening’’ item on the packaging, while cosmetics with a lifespan of less than 30 moths must include a ‘’best before the end of’’ date.


From Aesthetic Medicine

January 2020