Booking and cancellation policy

At 5th Avenue Medical Clinic, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality and the most efficient services to our patients. If an appointment is missed or cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice, we are not able to offer this appointment to other clients.

Before booking an appointment with a therapist, we will be taking £25 booking fee which will be deducted from the final price of the treatment. Appointments for injectables will require a £50 booking few which will be deducted from the treatment price. Payments can be made over the phone or via PayPal on our website.

Late cancellation (within 48 hour) will result in the booking fee being forfeited. In the case of appointments that form part of a course of treatment, one treatment will be deducted from the remaining number of treatments.

· Any packages and courses must be completed within 12 months.

· Unused packages and courses are non-refundable; however, they are exchangeable for other treatments to the same value.

· An appointment reminder will be sent via text or email 2 days before your appointment

· It is very important that you provide all the medical history asked of you. 5th AVENUE MEDICAL CLINIC will not be held liable for any damage caused as a result of withheld information or failure to follow instructions from the 5th avenue medical team.

· If you are bringing young children to the clinic, please ensure that there is always a supervising adult with them as 5TH AVENUE MEDICAL staff cannot supervise, and neither can children be taken into treatment rooms.

· If you have paid a booking fee for a consultation, please be aware that the outcome of the consultation may be information and advice that you are unsuitable for treatment and you will not be entitled to a refund of your booking fee, however we will try to offer you a treatment suitable for you so the fee can be redeemed.

FOR PREPAID TREATMENTS, ANY PREPAID PACKAGES INCLUDING LASER HAIR REMOVAL PACKAGES: we require AT LEAST 48 hours’ notice to cancel your appointment. If you cancel in less than 48 hours we will consider your treatment as preformed and we will not be able to reschedule this appointment or in addition you will have to pay non-refundable £50 booking fee before booking your next appointment with us and this will be added to the total cost of your treatment price.