Black Friday 2020

Payments can  be made  before or on 27.11.2020. Full payments must be made  in advance and are not refundable. (Subject to exchange under specific conditions , please see our terms and conditions for this offer).

Treatments can be used starting from 05/12/20, and must be used within 6 months, unless Government Covid 19 restrictions will state otherwise.

Black Friday offer  includes possibility of buying single treatment at discounted price without a limit.

All discounted  treatments will be performed as per 5Th Avenue Medical Clinic protocol.  

If you require online consultation or you not sure what treatment is best for you,  please contact us  via email to schedule one before you decide.

Treatments that will decongest your pores, brighten your skin tone and make your skin feel hydrated and refreshed. For optimum results we recommend you undertake 1 facial per month.

5th Avenue Personalised Facial

Customised to your skin condition, relaxing and rejuvenating your skin

Single treatment – £70     Black Friday Special  £45.50

Medical Facial

Provides deep cleansing, extraction and face mask

Single treatment – £90    Black Friday Special  £58.50

Mini Facial

Ideal for those on the go. Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged

Single treatment – £39   Black Friday Special  £19 (20 mins)


Safely exfoliates the top layers of your skin using crystals. Leaves skin feeling smooth and fresh. Stimulates collagen production

Single treatment – £50   Black Friday Special  £19 (20 mins)


Treat yourself to fresh, beautiful looking skin. Our chemical peels improve a variety of skin irregularities, including the appearance of fine lines, skin texture, acne scarring, pigmentation, skin tone and pore size

Lactic Peel

Promotes new collagen, has natural moisturising effect, helps to reduce superficial winkles

Glycolic Peel

Gives the skin a healthy appearance. Penetrates deep beneath the surface of the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells while stimulating cell regeneration and collagen production

Mandelic Peel

Evens out the skin tone. Good oil control for skin

Salicylic peel

Antibacterial benefits. Works to reduce, and control inflammation and redness associated with acne, whilst penetrating and decongesting follicles to help prevent future breakouts

All skin peels – £90             Black Friday Special   £58.50

Nutritional Anti-Ageing Peel – £25            Black Friday Special  £15


DMK has formulated a range of treatments and products that encourage your skin to perform like youthful, healthy skin. DMK’s revolutionary botanical-based paramedical products deliver superior aesthetic revision

DMK skin peel   £65 GBP    Black Friday Special  £42.25 GBP (25 mins)

Skin rejuvenation, scar reduction and collagen boost

Dermapen Full face £180      Black Friday Special  £144

Laser Hair Reduction Full Body Package (full legs, full arms, extended bikini, underarms)

Black Friday Specials:

£116.50 per single session

£699 per 6 sessions

Minimum of 6 laser sessions is required for good results.

Patch test required 24hrs before first session.