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At 5th Avenue Medical Clinic we want you to get best treatment combined using nothing but the best products. We share Reviderm’s belief that skin is as special and unique as any person. It is our natural protective shield, working day and night for us, so it deserves excellent care and attention. That excellence, combined with medical research, amazing results and the highest product quality, convinced us to use Reviderm products at our clinic. We decided to go with a product that we believe is the best way to make sure our patients will receive the best.


Reviderm Ideology

Reviderm technology has been developed based on the latest research in modern dermatology and cosmetology. Every single product is adapted to the needs of the skin.

Healthy skin heals and regenerates itself and keeps giving us new cells for our daily life needs. Depending on genetics, lifestyle, and age, skin may require different types of care.

With the latest technology and dermocosmetics, we want to help keep your skin in its optimal condition. That is our goal.

In pursuit of this goal, we often go off the beaten path in search of innovative methods. Whatever the methods may be, we always rely on the three main pillars of experience, knowledge, and passion.


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Our way is called True Care – the true form of skin care

All products in the Reviderm skin care system have been developed using knowledge gained from the latest medical and cosmetic research. In addition, Reviderm has developed microdermabrasion equipment for use by professionals in medical and aesthetic environments. The result is a skin treatment product group that, when used separately or in combination with other products, can help achieve maximum results for a wide variety of treatment needs. These products include:

SkinessentialsThe essential basis for every skincare system.

  • Comprehensive skincare base individually composed according to skin type and skin needs,
  • Skinessentials consists of: cleansing products and peelings, eye and lip care, masks, body and sun care products, as well as nutritional supplements and care accessories.

SkindicationIndication-orientated solutions for skin problems. Sophisticated skincare concept for specific skin problems and skin needs. The solution deals with the following issues:

  • Purity,
  • Hydration,
  • Couperose,
  • Brightening,
  • Ideal in combination with instrumental treatment technologies.
SkintelligenceRegeneration-orientated anti-aging line with biomimetic mode of action.
High-quality formulas that prevent skin aging and give mature skin a new level of firmness, freshness, and radiance.

  • Combats visible signs of skin aging early with the help of intelligent combinations of active substances,
  • Targeted penetration of the active substance concentrate thanks to innovative transport systems,
  • Ideal in combination with instrumental treatment technologies.
Post procedure kitsIndication-orientated skincare sets for professional aftercare.
Minimally invasive procedures and plastic surgery contribute to maintaining timeless beauty. The REVIDERM post procedure kits help guarantee long-lasting results after aesthetic procedures. 


NutricosmeticsBalanced nutritional supplements with cosmetic effect.
True beauty comes from the outside – and from the inside.

  • Developed on the basis of the latest discoveries and studies in nutritional science,
  • High bioavailability and proven effectiveness of individual ingredients,
  • Comfortable administration guarantees easy use.


The luxurious make-up line with Micro Mineral Complex – A perfectly coordinated product selection with precious minerals and selected ingredients.
Skincare-inspired make-up:

  • Unites dermocosmetic expertise with timeless glamour,
  • Professional colour code system – developed with Make-up Artistic Director Giovanni Fasiello,
  • Contains precious minerals and sparkling Diamond Dust,
  • Perfectly suitable to use after each treatment – even directly following REVIDERM technology treatments.

SkinPeelerMicrodermabrasion and ultrasound in one instrument.

SkinPeeler is a gentle, effective, award-winning controlled skin abrasion tools that boosts regeneration.

Microdermabrasion is an intensive instrumental peeling that was originally developed for the medical sector. REVIDERM is the global leading manufacturer of this cosmetic revolution, a non-operative anti-aging technique now indispensable to the modern cosmetics scene.

With SkinPeeler, we can achieve safe and controlled removal of the top skin layers with a beam of microfine crystals. Enzymes applied in preparation split dead skin cells and gently prepare the skin for microdermabrasion.

The microdermabrasion removes dead cells gently, safely and under control. A delicate, smooth surface emerges. The abrasion (double effect peeling & vacuum) triggers biological repair processes in the skin. The skin’s own collagen production is stimulated and microcirculation of the blood increases.

Following the abrasion, individually selected active ingredients are brought deep into the skin for maximum effect. Young, functional skin cells are formed. These cells move into the upper skin layer and slowly cause the skin to regenerate from the inside out.

Best for clients with:
  • Wrinkles,
  • Loss of elasticity in the connective tissues,
  • Excess keratinisation (hyperkeratosis),
  • Thinning skin (atrophy),
  • Sun-damage,
  • Hyperpigmentation,
  • Enlarged pores,
  • Impurities,
  • Tissue stretching, also for optimal pre- and post-treatment care with aesthetic procedures,
  • Instant effects include: Skin smoothing, Pore refining, Brightening of pigment spots & Wrinkle reduction.
Long-term effects comprise of:
  • Lasting rejuvenation,
  • Increase in skin firmness,
  • Tightening of the contours,
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Reduction of visible tissue stretches.

For us, the essence of beauty lies in understanding the skin.

  1. Skinalyze – Computer-aided skin analysis.The skin is as unique as the person it belongs to. This is why, in order to understand the skin’s needs, every treatment requires a professional skin analysis that determines the treatment process.
  2. Skintreatments – Choice of the best individual treatment.To bring the skin into its optimal condition, we at REVIDERM rely on a perfect combination of technology, care and nutritional supplementation – all in one place.
  3. Skinfinish – Perfect finish.Last but not least, we refine every treatment with the perfect finish – our mineral-based makeup, which is also perfect for using after technology treatments.


Fascinated by the complexity of the skin, we at REVIDERM have united innovations in active ingredient research with discoveries in modern dermatology since 1986. The phenomenon of

injury healing and its similarity to natural regeneration processes of the skin has inspired

us to take new directions. With our multiple award-winning and intelligently conceived cosmetology, both instrumental and formula-based, we embody ‘quality made in Germany’.

All of our products are developed and manufactured in cooperation with scientists and researchers.

Years of experience and passion for the skin and the cosmetic craft have made us the international

market leader in microdermabrasion.

Today, more than 10,000 leading dermocosmeticians and medical professionals worldwide

succeed in helping enhance natural health, power, and beauty of every person’s skin, thereby

revealing the inner radiance of its owner

Dominik Bauermeister

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