Pregnancy is a wonderful time of expectation and preparation for motherhood. However, maternal bliss is sadly not the only feeling pregnant women experience during this time. There are many health issues, including back pain, that come up during pregnancy that can’t be treated through the same means as would normally be the case. That’s why a specific approach is needed if you really want to feel better when pregnant.

Pregnancy massage can bring you some much needed relief. The list of benefits is quite substantial:

  • it can help relieve backache, headaches, pelvic and muscle paini
  • it can help with swollen legs and ankles
  • you can improve your circulation
  • skin elasticity is also improved
  • through pregnancy massage you can reduce the risk of stretch marks
  • it can help you relax more and keep your hormones at a stable level

While pregnancy massage is open to all pregnant women, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t undergo a massage until at least 3 months pregnant.