Lymphatic drainage is the basic physical treatment for the prevention and treatment of cellulite, especially in the first two stages. It is used most often to the body detox, regulate water balance, and first of all in case of small edema. In cosmetology, lymphatic drainage is used as a purpose of purifying the skin and counteracting local lymphatic stasis, for example, the area around the eye centre.

More and more often, lymphatic drainage is performed after some procedures of aesthetic medicine and platelet surgery.

Lymphatic drainage should be performed in regular series, every other day, as occasionally performed will not produce results. After a series of 10 – 12 treatments, there should be a break.

Drainage goal:

  • Improve to transport lymph in lymphatic system, (removing proteins from edema)
  • Restoration of the natural regulation of the metabolism of connective tissue and dermis
  • Oxygenation of the cells of the epidermis
  • Regulation of lymphatic drainage in the scars area


  • Edema
  • Cellulite
  • Painful menstruation
  • Dry skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Allergies
  • After the cosmetic procedure

In 2017, I carried out research on 300 women in different range ages, checking their skin condition after having lymphatic drainage. 100 women in age 25 – 35, 100 women in age 35 – 50 and 100 women in age 50 – 60. No additional procedures were performed after lymphatic drainage.

The fastest result I observed in the 25 – 35 age range due to faster metabolism. The number of treatments went up to 8. In the range of groups 35 – 60, where the natural limitations relieve the metabolism, change the hormonal economy, as well as keeping water in the constraint, the number of recommended treatments is 12.

The results I have observed are in 85% improvement in the condition of the skin, including moisturizing, blood circulation and smoothing. More than a half of the respondents see a visible reduction of cellulite up to 50%.
Increasing the quantity of drinkable water and the movement increases the efficiency of lymphatic drainage.

Mila Lachowska – Cosmetologist / Junior Aesthetic Therapist