Have you ever wondered what is the difference in skin care at different ages?

Facial care should be age-dependent, because each of us is different and has different beauty problems.

Learn how to care for skin at a certain age and what treatments to use to preserve its good condition for many years or restore its former glow.


Skin care 20 years +

When we are 20 years old we do not face too many skin problems. On the faces of a 20-year-old there will be no sign of a sleepless night, smoking cigarettes or neglecting makeup removal, but after years these signs will definitely take the form of clear wrinkles and furrows. And we’ll wonder why we look a lot older than our peers.

However, when the problem begins to appear, it is most often acne, which can be treated dermatologically or/and with cosmetology treatments. At this age, the most important thing is to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the skin. Depending on its type, it is worth regularly peeling and applying moisturizing masks.


Skin care 30 years +

Thirty is a magical boundary for many women in every aspect of life. At this stage, not only our private and professional lives often change, but also our appearance changes. That’s when we start to notice the first mimic wrinkles. We start to lose collagen in the skin, which is why we lose its proper hydration. The skin becomes dry and dull. In everyday home care of the skin after thirties, protection becomes the most important thing, i.e. the use of protective creams with UV filters and substances acting against free radicals. An important element is proper prevention, i.e. the use of anti-wrinkle creams at night. They should contain compounds that stimulate collagen reconstruction.


Skin care 40 years +

Apparently, life is just beginning after 40!

At this age, we usually want to stop the signs of skin aging, because that’s when it becomes more problematic.

Preserved mimic wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, “drooping” of the face oval. At this age, most women decide to visit a specialist in aesthetic medicine. But if we can’t always afford it, it is worth using anti-wrinkle treatments that work on every problem: they smooth, firm, moisturize and improve the face oval.