DMK Skin Revision stimulates the body’s own chemistry because skin cells only accept and react to the chemistry that they recognize

DMK Concept is to build true long-term skin functionality and to re-educate skin in the following steps:

· REMOVE is exfoliation of dead cells, the dead skin cell build-up can lead to the fine lines, dry skin and discoloration. DMK’s methods of removal not only eliminate dead cells, but also help strengthen the living cells through enzymatic treatments known as The DMK Plasmatic Effect

· REBUILD the strength of the dermis, restoring the skins vital internal processes to optimal function. DMKs ingredients work directly on the skins cells as a ‘direct delivery’. To provide natural skin tone and moisture, they restore the acid mantle by penetrating the epidermis.

· PROTECT the skin from environmental factors which leads to premature aging as the sun, free radicals and others. DMK treatments maximize the strength of the Langerhans cells which help to regulate the immune system

· MAINTAIN the results by using DMK Skin Home Prescriptives. This step is essential to achieve the desired results